Practice Communication Policy including receiving and returning telephone calls and electronic communication

Should you wish to speak with your doctor, please leave a message with reception and your call will be returned when possible. Telephone call messages and emails will be actioned in a timely manner. Referrals are sent via electronic means or fax. You will need to make an appointment to see a doctor for all scripts and referrals. It is illegal to back-date referrals.

Our policy states all patients opt in to receive text messages unless patient requests to opt out.

Process for follow up of results

Our practice’s system for the follow up of tests, results and referrals has a strong focus on risk management. All test results, including pathology results, diagnostic imaging and investigation reports, and clinical correspondence received is reviewed, initialled and where appropriate acted upon in a timely manner. A follow up appointment with the Doctor who ordered the investigation is necessary to obtain the results. It is best practice to inform patients of clinically significant results face to face so patients can ask questions and receive advice from their doctor.

All patients will be able to receive open, timely and appropriate communication about their health care during a crisis, emergency or disaster. Chatswood Road Medical Centre has a business Continuity Plan and disaster Plan that will enable us to continue operating.

Receiving and responding to feedback and complaints

Here at Chatswood Road Medical Centre, all staff are prepared to address complaints as they arise. Complaints are recorded and actioned, with a copy placed in the patient’s medical record if related to patient care. We have a zero tolerance policy to verbal abuse, swearing, aggressive behaviour and violence to all staff.

If the matter cannot be resolved, the patient is advised about how to contact the external health complaints agency for our state.

Office of the Health Ombudsman
Telephone: 133 646

Any form of compliment, no matter how small, can be addressed to


We are a mixed billing practice. Some procedures are privately billed at the discretion of the doctor. Your doctor and reception staff will be able to advise any out of pocket costs at time of initial consultation.

Private patients and patients without a Medicare card will be charged $75 for a standard consultation and minimum $85 on the weekend. This needs to be paid at time of consultation.

DVA Gold Card holders have their accounts paid by DVA.

All patients who miss 2 appointments within a 12 month period without notifying the surgery 30 minutes before their scheduled appointment will have the opportunity to pay for their consultation upfront before making another appointment.

All patients who misplace or loose scripts, pathology forms, radiology forms and referrals will need to pay $5 in person to collect another.

Appointment types

Standard appointment is less than 20 minutes. A long appointment lasts at least 20 minutes.

Emergencies will always be given priority.

We do not accept appointments via email.

Please ask reception for a longer appointment when making booking if needed.