For the majority of the population without serious risk factors, contracting COVID-19 is likely to be similar to contracting the common cold. You will recover within a relatively short period.

Those most at risk of severe infection from COVID-19 are those with cardiac and respiratory conditions, those who are immunocompromised and in particular the elderly with chronic disease complicated by contracting COVID-19.

We do however need to take measures to ensure we are not part of the spread and that you are all safe when attending Chatswood Road Medical Centre.

  1. Support immune function.
    – Get adequate sleep
    – Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables
    – Exercise regularly
    – Try and keep your stress levels to a minimum
  2. We will ensure if any staff are returning from overseas and are recommended voluntary isolation by the Australian government that we will not have them return to the clinics until the recommended isolation time has lapsed.
  3. We will now start asking all patients booking over the phone if they:
    – Have travelled overseas.
    – Have been associated with any person who has a confirmed COVID-19 infection
    – Are symptomatic – with flu like symptoms: Cough, Fever, Shortness of breath/ breathing difficulties
  4. You may be asked to remain in your car or not enter the practice if you are symptomatic, but should this occur we will provide an alternate clinical service. A telephone consultation may be offered
  5. Please read and obey all signage
  6. All door handles, EFTPOS terminals, phones, reception desk and surfaces are cleaned regularly
  7. We have removed the magazines, toys and other multi use items in the waiting room

We will do our bit to ensure that the clinic is a clean and safe place to come.

Please help us help our local community by keeping us informed of any symptoms you might be experiencing.

Useful Information

Coronavirus explained for kids:

We will always remain open and here to help you and your family through this unprecedented time.